Custom Framing

custom_framing_750x254I have 30 years of experience as a custom framer. With this experience, I have perfected the art of framing. Where you are an artist or a collector, archival framing is important to preserve your art for the future. Archival framing consists of the frame, glazing, the mat or spacer, the backing, and the hinging. Matting is used to separate the artwork from the glass. The mat allows room in the frame for the paper to contract and expand with temperature and humidity changes. Matting should enhance the beautify of the image and not be the focal point. Picture frames are usually hung at eye level. There are exceptions to this rule based on the individual situation. Care should be taken when choosing where to hang paper borne art. Direct sunlight and locations with high humidity can be damaging. I also offer the service of hanging your artwork for you.